..but for WHY tho?..

..my blogs have taken a sudden change of direction the last couple of posts.  i have went from talking strictly about music and my love for it, to the problems with it..we condone and accept so many things now.  when i was younger, they didn’t beep out profanity on the song..artists actually did CLEAN versions of music.. i sit around and listen to 96.3 (Indianapolis radio station) and every song has fowl language.  Some of the songs are so bad that you can’t even tell what the song is supposed to be about..

I know the solution is to change the channel or pop a CD in, but when your options are slim on local music, you tend to get a little upset..i’d like to turn on the radio and hear music that I can understand and sing along with.  My only options for that are the repeat playing of Beyonce, Keyshia Cole or that got awful artist that sings that dumbass REFILL..just in case you haven’t hear it..here it is:

the most annoying song on the radio today..wait..no..it would actually be 2Chainz — sorry fans..regardless of his age, his ambition and whatever else positive folks say about him, he has some of the most elementary lyrics…smh..here i go getting off topic..kinda..but not really..he’s another one whose music can’t be played with out beeping out the entire track.

So ok..i change the channel to WTLC (another local station) and I hear gospel and mainstream mixed together.  I can only handle so much Charlie Wilson in a day.  I’d like to get on hear some of this..

Naz the Anti Star — her delivery is crazy!!

http://soundcloud.com/fitzfonzarelli/bittersweet-leak-hdii – Fitz Fonzarelli – Bittersweet — the truth!!

http://hajjprime.bandcamp.com/ – Hajj Prime .. easy listening

– Profane Flames

http://soundcloud.com/frank-da-tank-frankie – Frank Da Tank

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all of those people I listed are in Indiana.  You would never know because you have folks still Jiggilating and worrying about Dumb Head.  Do dj’s even take the time to listen to what’s out there?  I mean REALLY listen.  Not just support the ones that have paid you to be featured on your mix cd.  I know that artists have to learn the various avenues to get radio play, but could the radio stations, dj’s and promoters show some initiative into bringing some new sound to the listeners?  I find it to be annoying when I have to listen to Pandora and wait five minutes for it to buffer.  If we could stop with these fake “listener polls” and really have a rountable and ask what the people want we could discover some HOT talent. I seriously doubt its hearing “Bands Will Make Her Dance” every hour on the hour.

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I sometimes feel like this argument is on REPEAT, but its one we have all discussed…i guess ill just make my own damn CD with the music I like.  Unfortunately there is nobody to complain to when it comes to mainstream music because folks keep buying it.  Boycott!! I’m just kidding.  That probably wouldn’t work either..so i guess until then..ill hit MYSELF in the mouth..lol..


One response to “..but for WHY tho?..

  1. Man this right here!!!!!!! thank you .. i am sooo tired of all this wack mess they call music on the radio.. I hate the time I live in now because we don’t have any good music like the other eras did .. thanks of sharing this !!

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